About Us


Metro Fairway Indoor Golfing was started by two avid golfers who had both started their game in their twenties. From their experience in the sand traps, water hazards and constantly being rushed on the course, they knew that there must be a better way to get started in the game that would not cause as much frustration and stress. As they became better at the game the problem changed. How can someone continue to improve their game with such a short golf season. They found themselves packing away the golf clubs just as their game was starting to improve for the year.


It was soon after that they discovered golf simulators, the perfect solution to all their problems. It was a private place for newcomers to come and play without anyone judging their game. And a great place for them to work on their game during the long winter months.


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Our private simulators allow you to play your game, at your own pace. You can play on any of the 78 courses you desire, all while watching sports on the big screen and enjoying some great pub cuisine.

Whether you are a business professional looking for a great place to take your client or just looking for something different to do on Friday night; you will find what you are looking for at Metro Fairway.


Call us today or book online to start your Indoor Golfing experience.